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Raphael JS

HTML5 Canvas Tutorials

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JS Graphs and Chart Libraries

JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit

Flat UI

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Guidelines for Responsive Webdesign

Best Programming Quotations

Rebuild YouTube’s mobile-like progress bar in jQuery

Learn Knockoutjs

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Excel like editing in tables

BonsaiJS – A lightweight graphics library with an intuitive graphics API and an SVG renderer.

Animated Pie Chart:

RaphaelJS – Another vector graphics library (check out the examples)

HammerJS – Easy implementation of multitouch events using JS

SequenceJS – The Responsive Slider with Advanced CSS3 Transitions. Check out the slider with parallax effect

JQuery Vector Maps – Jquery plugin that generates vector maps using SVG (and VML for older versions of IE)

LetteringJS – Extreme control over font lettering

CrossSlide – Very cool image slider with the famous Ken Burns effect.

Vanilla-JS – Tongue in cheek 0kb javascript library alternative to using other libraries

JQuery Plumb – Hooks elements together through visual elements and moves dynamically.

JQuery Gantt Editor – Gantt Charts Using JQuery

JQuery Confirm Plugin – Clever way of doing inline confirmations

BigScreen – Allows you to display content in full screen from the browser

How to Load Javascript Asynchronously

AngularJS in Action

CSS & JQuery Clickable Maps

Gauges in Javascript

Introduction to Canvas

Websockets 101

Doodle Jump Game Remade using HTML5 – If you played the android/iphone version of this game, you’ll have fun with this:

Improving Canvas Animation Performance

Gameboy Color Emulator – Pure JS/HTML5 and works extremely well.

PlayCanvas – Forget what we all knew, 3D Games are definitely possible with HTML5 and have excellent performance.

Realistic Wristwatch – Animated wristwatch built using CSS/Javascript

10 Easy Steps to a Complete Understanding of SQL

Custom controls for HTML5 Video

Kick ass resume:

CSS Zen Garden

Laurence Gellert’s Blog